Head-Turning Fragrances. Legendary Inspirations. Locally Crafted.

You've come to the right place.

Today you will discover the fragrances that capture all the mystery of your unique experience of living. Within the unique scents we've extracted from lore, literature and historic imagination, you'll find the olfactory equivalent of the world's great legend trips.

Explore our intriguing collection of fine, highest quality, 30 percent perfume fragrances, all locally handcrafted and designed by Chicago folklorist, author and perfumer Ursula Bielski.

Are you ready to embark on the Ghost Ship Scent-venture?


I love the label art, the stories, the aesthetic . . . . But the scents . . . oh the scents!"

Anne F.

I'm a bit obssessed."

Jodi B

I have been a huge fan of Ursula Bielski's ghost stories for many years . Her perfumes and colognes are like her stories in smell form: mysterious, engaging, intriguing. Highly recommended "

Michael B.

I have tried and loved every single one of their scents. Each one is totally unique and quite evocative. Fan for life!"

Maggie G.

The great American haunted road trip in a bottle!"

Scott P.

Living my life swathed in mystery since discovering these scents. I adore them all."

Tricia W.

I'm always so excited to see what Ursula comes up with next. I just love this house!

Dave W.

Explore legends, fragrance and more on Ursula's blog . . . A BOTTLE OF GHOSTS!