A Bottle of Ghosts

  • Poe's Enchanted Garden: A Fitting Tribute to a Life of Mystery, Imagination . . . and Beauty


    The beauty of the natural world may not be the first thing that springs to mind at the thought of America’s Gothic mastermind, Edgar Allan Poe, but the “American Shakespeare” was deeply inspired by both the simple beauty and intricate meanings in nature . . .

  • Night at the Museum

    So many of you were intrigued by our Night at the Museum fragrance (we just might bring it back!). This perfume, one of my personal favorites too, was inspired by the many "lively" exhibits that have been reported in natural history museums around the world, from the British Museum to New York's beloved institution and beyond. For me, however, a night at a haunted museum has always meant only one place: Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History.
  • A Haunting in Tennessee: The Horrifying Phenomenon of the Bell Witch

    Our Tennessee Witch 1817 fragrance (a limited edition of 2021 that will likely be back for a second act), has a very special meaning for me.  Man...
  • Summerwind: A Haunting Legacy in Ruins

    Summerwind.  In the annals of American ghostlore, few names hold such allure.

  • A Burning Need: Ghostly Hands of Death are a Cry for Help

    Chicago has long told two tales of ghostly "hands of death." But these stories are not alone in the annals of the supernatural.
  • The Murder Castle of H. H. Holmes & Other Ghosts of Englewood

    Chicago's notorious Englewood neighborhood has a long, dark history of ghosts, not the least of which is that of the infamous "Murder Castle" of H. H. Holmes.
  • Ghosts of the Circus Train Wreck

    When ghost hunters talk about the circus and ghosts in the same sentence, they are almost surely talking about--not the Ringling Brothers-Barnum &a...
  • Indiana's Haunting Tale of La Llorona

    The story of La Llorona is well known in Mexico, where it originated. But did you know that Indiana has its own haunting legend of the tragic "weeping woman?"
  • The House of 200 Demons: What the Exorcist Said

    The house on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana has become one of the most sensationalized and well known paranormal sites in American history.  I interviewed the exorcist who ministered to the family who fell under the influence of the house. Here's what he had to say.
  • Yes, I Believe in Fairies. Here's Why.

      As adults, we assume that children live in a world where reality and imagination hold equal sway, but this may not b...
  • The Ghost Ships of Lake Michigan

    Gather 'round the stove and pour a cup of tea. As the gales blow over the waves, we'll tell the tales of the vanquished vessels who've never made port ....
  • Inez, the Island and the Blue Ghost: Phantoms of Chicago's Graceland Cemetery

    Our Graceland fragrance is inspired by one of the world's most beautiful--and haunted--cemeteries.  Meet the ghosts of Chicago's most esteemed burial ground.