A Bottle of Ghosts

  • Domestic Terrors: Phantom Houses in Ghost Lore

    Vanishing houses are one of the rarest and most mysterious occurrences in the annals of the paranormal. Here are some of the most famous reports.
  • Chief Blinking Eye and the Indian Cemetery

    He remains one of the most influential of the nation's Native American chiefs, and the land given to his family--and taken away--some of the most fabled in all of Illinois.
  • Muldoon: A True Chicago Ghost Story

    Chicago hosts many Irish-born citizens and many of Irish heritage. Some of them are ghosts.  Including one of my favorites: Bishop Muldoon.
  • She Smelled Like Earth and Moonlight . . . The Vanishing Hitchhiker Named Resurrection Mary.

    Many know her name--and that of the fabled road she has traveled for almost a century after her death--but just who was the vanishing hitchhiker named Resurrection Mary?
  • The Natural History of Bachelors Grove Cemetery, one of the World's Most Haunted Places

    Far less well known than its ghost stories is the natural beauty of Bachelors Grove Cemetery, one of the world's most haunted--and ethereal--places.
  • The Exorcist's Diary

    Like most with an interest in the paranormal, I was excited to hear of the Discovery Plus App's new release of the documentary, "Shock Docs: The E...
  • A BOTTLE OF GHOSTS: Bang! Bang! Chicago's Top 5 Haunted Gangland Sites

    Take an armchair excursion to Chicago's most ghostly mob hangouts.
  • Capturing the Memory of Chicago's Unforgettable Valentines Day

    Chicago's St. Valentine's Day Massacre--and the personalities surrounding it--remain a primary essence--no pun intended--of Chicago's historic appeal and inspired two of our most popular fragrances.