A Journal & Sketchbook

This big, gothic journal and sketchbook is perfect for all of your dreary midnight ramblings, fantastical sketches and manic plans. 200 blank, unlined pages, so you'll nevermore run out of room for writing or drawing.  Each page is trimmed with a companionable raven silhouette. 8.25 inches square with full color matte cover for a soft, sleek feel, showcasing our bestselling "Ghost of Poe" perfume label art and a Poe quote on the back.



A Journal & Sketchbook

If you stay up late sketching things with no color, or if you have many-tentacled thoughts that need writing down, this Lovecraft-inspired sketchbook is a must-have. Featuring our bestselling Dunwich Nights perfume label art, this big, 200-page sketchbook and journal features a peek of Cthulhu at the top of each crisp white page to keep you company in your dark musings. 8.25 inches square with full color matte cover for a soft, sleek feel, with our favorite "Dunwich Nights" perfume label art on the cover and a Lovecraftian quote on the back.


A Journal & Sketchbook


If you swoon for the master of gothic film horror, you'll want this gorgeous journal and sketchbook as your diabolical companion. 200 unlined pages are perfect for writing or sketching. Each is trimmed with a small skull at the bottom to remind the fair owner of his or her dwindling hours. 8.25 inches square with full color matte cover for a soft, sleek feel, featuring our beloved "I Heart Vincent Price" perfume label art and a quote from the master on the back.


Inspired by Salem's Famed Destination

This simple little lined journal, with room for dating each page, is a perfect companion for anyone wanting to log their nightly forays into dreamland--or any daydreams you might have as well.  200 lined pages with date blank at the top of each.  Cover art illustrates the famed Witch House of Salem, Massachusetts.



A Takealong Notebook for Cemetery Trippers

Keep this pocket notebook handy to jot down the names, notable details and impressions of all your tombstone travels. This sleek little travel notebook lives in your glove box or console, backpack or saddle bag, ready for all your future "Ooooo a cemetery! Pull over!" moments!



The Brutal Past & Paranormal Present of One of the World's Most Haunted Penitentiaries


From Ursula Bielski, winner of the Chicago Public Library Foundation award for outstanding contributions to Chicago's literary culture, comes the first-ever volume about haunted Joliet Prison. For more than a century and a half, Illinois' Old Joliet Prison state penitentiary hosted some of America's darkest perpetrators of crime, from notorious outlaw Frank Rande to Chicago gangsters like "Bugs" Moran and "Baby Face" Nelson to mass murderer Richard Speck and serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Behind the limestone walls of this castle-like fortress---immortalized in The Blues Brothers--the chaotic lives of Joliet's inmates continued even after incarceration. Stabbings, shootings, suicides and disease took the lives of hundreds of imprisoned men and women within the prison compound. Do these inmates still walk the cell blocks, solitary chambers and burial ground of this infamous penitentiary? Step inside Old Joliet Prison with Chicago's renowned ghost hunter and historian Ursula Bielski and the Joliet Hauntings Crew, who conducted the first-ever authorized paranormal investigations at the prison in 2018. Within these pages, you'll trace the chilling history of Joliet's brutal past and investigate its abandoned spaces in search of lingering phantoms, from the "Singing Ghost" of the Old Convict Cemetery to the ghost of Odette Allen--the warden's wife found murdered and burned in her bed--to the spectral and eternal inmates of the prison hospital, Death Row and more. As you meet the ghosts of Joliet's inmates--and those of their tragic victims--their stories will hold you captive indeed.

Over two dozen five-star reviews on Amazon.



Slumbering beneath a shroud of deep forest and deliberate secrecy, Bachelors Grove Cemetery still exerts a powerful pull on paranormal pilgrims and curiosity-seekers around the world.  Shielding the orphaned burial ground from ritual and idle vandalism has also buried the rich history of this magical place. Still, its eerie presence has dominated the folklore of the southwest side of Chicago for every generation since 1838. Brave the woods with Ursula Bielski to unearth decades of mysteries and myriad ghost stories, from the Magic House to the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove.

Over three dozen five-star reviews on Amazon.


 At the close of the nineteenth century, Chicago offered the world a glimpse of humanity's most breathtaking possibilities and its most jaw-dropping horrors. Even as the White City emerged from the ashes of the Great Fire, serial killers like H.H. Holmes stalked the sparkling new boulevards and tragic accidents plagued the factories, slums and railroads that powered the churn of industrial innovation. Ship captains spoke to the dead, while undertakers discovered reanimated corpses no longer requiring services. From posh mansions built on massacre grounds to the drowned quarries of a forest preserve, Ursula Bielski follows the dark undercurrents beneath the electric lights of the World's Fair.

Over a dozen five-star reviews on Amazon.



Ghostlore of the Windy City

Chicago Haunts book

Called a "masterpiece of the genre," this is one of the first and still best books in the subject area known as "regional true ghostlore."  This pioneering work by three-decade veteran paranormal researcher, historian and folklorist Ursula Bielski paved the way for a generation of researchers and writers and remains one of the standards in the field.  

Over sixty 5-star reviews on Amazon.

 Chicago Haunts book

The People, History, Art & Lore of Cook County Cemeteries

Charting the lore and lure of Chicago's ubiquitous burial grounds, this resource unearths the legends and legacies that mark the city's silent citizens—from larger-than-lifers and local heroes to machine mayors and machine-gunners. The book demonstrates that Chicago’s cemeteries are home not only to thousands of individuals who fashioned the city’s singular culture and character, but also to impressive displays of art and architecture, landscaping and limestone, egoism and ethnic pride. This edition includes all new digital photos and refreshed text in the same spirit and informal, travel-book style as the original. Mysterious questions such as Where is Al Capone buried? and What really lies beneath home plate at Wrigley Field? are answered in this reminder that although physical life must end, personal note—and notoriety—last forever.  

Over two dozen 5-star reviews on Amazon.


A 12-Month Prayer & Offerings Journal to Assist the Poor Souls in Purgatory

For decades, paranormal researchers have recorded hundreds of thousands of ghostly voices, pleading for one thing:


But just what help do they need?

For centuries, Catholics the world over have held the strong belief in a place of purification and suffering called Purgatory, where most faithful souls are expected to go after death to await their Heavenly reward. When a soul reaches Purgatory, he or she can no longer do anything to help speed the soul to Heaven. Rather, these souls are completely reliant on the prayers of the living to attain their final freedom.

This beautiful, year-long journal has one purpose for the faithful: to remind us to pray every day for these Poor Souls who need us so much.  Though this book references Catholic rituals and traditions, it is for anyone who wants to help the Poor Souls through prayer and penance.